Crowded Heart
The Best I Ever Had
New Horizons

Face the music

Sinne Eeg

Stunt Records (Sundance)


Sinne Eeg (V)
Jacob Christoffersen (pno)
Morten Toftgård Ramsbøl (B)
Morten Lund (Dr)
Jesper Riis (tp)
Mivhael Bladt (fl and sax)


  1. What a Little Monolight Can Do
  2. Crowded Heart
  3. The Best I Ever Had
  4. High up in the Sky
  5. Somewhere
  6. Let's Face the Music and Dance
  7. Taking It Slow
  8. New Horizons
  9. I Draw a Circle
  10. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
  11. Caravan

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